7Luck88- Eason’s LIFE in Malaysia 2016

7Luck88-Eason’s LIFE in Malaysia 2016

7Luck88 Member get Member Programme, Introducer get Cash MYR 28

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7Luck88- Eason’s LIFE in Malaysia 2016

7Luck88- Eason’s LIFE in Malaysia 2016

Eason’s LIFE in Malaysia 2016 WIN VVIP ticket today by placing bet

Term & Conditions

  1. Promotion will start from 2016-1-01 00:00:01 (GMT+8) until 2016-1-31 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  2. Winner will receive Eason’s LIFE in Malaysia 2016
    Date : 26 & 27 February 2016
    Time : 8:30pm
    Venue : Arena Of Stars Genting Highlands
  3. Minimum stake per bet to qualify for this promotion is MYR 50. No limit at maximum payout.
  4. Each member only allowed to have one registered account in 7Luck88, If we found out members create more than one account, (Before creating multiple accounts, members have to contact one of our live chat representative and request for creating multiple accounts). Otherwise 7Luck88 will treat these accounts as an organizational account. And 7Luck88 have the right to terminate the accounts, and credit will be frozen permanently.
  5. Contest will close on 31th January 2016,All winner will get 7Luck88 SMS on 15th February 2016
  6. General Terms & Conditions of Promotions apply.

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